Yellow Lines

We do things we know to be wrong for different reasons, but one is we do them because we think we won't get caught!  That may be because we think no-one is watching or that the authorities cannot or will not bring us to book.  But is lack of enforcement or the appearance of non-enforcement a reason for non-compliance?   If we're not going to get caught, is it OK to do something that's wrong?

The idea behind Yellow Lines was to illustrate our tendency to do things we shouldn't if we're pretty sure we're not going to get caught and that applies particularly to minor traffic infringments.  But we've also seen plenty of examples in the news how people did far worse things, thinking that they would probably never be able to brought to account.

When it comes to things we know to be morally wrong, do we apply the same logic?  How can anyone know our thoughts anyway.   What about God?   He sees everything that we do and knows our thoughts.

But God doesn't seem to do much about the wrong things we do does he?   Do does that mean there is no God, or if there is one, he doesn't seem interested in doing anything about it?  

Just because there doesn't seem to be a policeman looking, doesn't mean that committing a crime is OK and there are ways of the authorities find out what we are up to.   There were no shortage of CCTV, witnesses, TV pictures and photographs of rioters and looters last summer.  Someone was watching.   God watches and one day he says that he is going to catch up with every one of us - we're not going to get away with it.  The Bible says that each one of us will give an account of ourselves before God (Romans 14:12.)

Worrying?   It should be, because those things we do wrong - God calls them sins - will keep us separated from God permanently.   But God is amazing.  Because he loves the human race so much, he's already thought about that one, by making a way by which our wrongdoing can be dealt with so we can know him eternally, and also live our lives to the full, not spoilt by the things we have done which we have probably already been found out about and which blight or destroy our lives.

So how did he do that?  God himself became a man - Jesus - and paid the penalty for our wrongdoing himself when he died on the cross.   He now gives us the opportunity to find forgiveness and wants to bless our lives in so many ways and invites us to follow Jesus, who rose from the dead and can be known today.

So what do we need to do?  Recognise that things we do and have done wrong have kept us apart from God, ask God to forgive us and allow Jesus to come into our lives and follow him.  If you would like to know more then do contact me