Jacob's Ladder

So here we have it, a promenade extension in gleaming white concrete and dark rock blocks and leading to Jacob's Ladder.   It's a big improvement to our sea defences, and and a new addition to Felixstowe's coastline.

Jacob's Ladder is a name for many steep flights of steps all over the world.   As I said in the video, it's inspired by Jacob's dream at Bethel.  If you want to read about Jacob, his story starts in the first book of the Bible - Genesis - chapter 25 and verse 20 onwards into the subsequent chapters.  He didn't deserve God's attention way but the dream at Bethel was the start of a lifelong walk with God for Jacob.  It didn't mean he became a reformed figure overnight - that took some time - but he realised that God was prepared to show him favour even though his actions didn't merit it.

To be honest, even though we probably aren't crooks like Jacob, we know we do things that don't honour or please God in our lives; and we ignore him most of the time.   Yet as we look in the Bible we find that God loves each one of us and desires, like Jacob, to show us his favour, despite how we have treated him or behaved ourselves.

His shown that in one particular way, by becoming one of us and he lived the life of a man - Jesus. It's through his death and resurrection of Jesus that God made a way by which we can all know God.  He's made the first move and holds his hand out to us.

And the same promise applies to us as Jacob: if we follow Jesus, we know the presence of God's Holy Spirit in our lives.  Our lives can be and should be a walk with God.  The question is; are they?   Or are we a "work in progress" as Jacob was for a large part of his life?  Do pray that you may know the presence of God leading you and bieng with you day by day.