Eyesores Revisited

You can see the previous version at Original Eyesores video

The visiting again of some of the scruffy seafront sites in Felixstowe seemed to be a good example of the principle of redemption.  They were unkempt and in some cases derelict sites awaiting someone to give them some TLC.  Much of the south seafront land has never had permanent buildings on it to my knowledge.

It was land that needed not just rescuing but redeeming.   These places have always had plenty of champions in local politics, but they needed someone who was going to spend some money - even take financial risks - to get these sites into beneficial use.   That's the principle of redemption - saving something takes considerable cost.

As I said in the video, redemption is central to the Christian faith.   To open a way so that a human race who largely have no time for God could find him, know him, have hope through him, know forgiveness in him was costly for God.  It wasn't just about God being nice, loving and caring; it wasn't just about God being forgiving; it wasn't even about God offering us rescue; it was about God doing something personally very very costly in order to offer a way back to himself to people who have walked away from him.   That makes the difference between redemption and any of the other things  for people: it cost God to want to get us back; to save us from the wreckage we create in our lives and in our society.

Have you walked away from God and think you could never deserve and ever be good enough to know God?   Then think again.  God has paid a high price for your redemption.   All you have to do is turn to him and recognise the price paid by Jesus on the cross and ask God for forgiveness, for hope in life and for eternity, for healing of our lives and relationships.   Why not decide to follow Jesus and ask him into your life today?