A14. Episode 7 Top Secret

I first heard about RAF Trimley Heath on a visit to the Felixstowe Museum.   I was intrigued as I had always wondered what the red brick buildings were in the patch of woodland next to the A14.   The site itself is quite small - just enough to accommodate the radar antenna, the control buildings and staff accommodation.

During the war, everyone would have known it was a hush-hush place even though it was next to the main road!   They would even have known that it had some kind of radar capacity but few would have known how it worked and what it could do: that was classified.

Now it's a sad remnant since it closed 60 years ago.   It's not open to the public, is heavily overgrown and there are inherent dangers in visiting a site with derelict buildings - much of it is fenced off.

There are calls to try and preserve what's left as it's part of our disappearing history.  If you do a search online you can find out more - or visit Felixstowe Museum.   Many stories have gone around over the years about what it did - some fanciful but that's not surprised in the days when little was known about the base.  Now we have a good idea about its purpose and the ability the RAF gained to use radar to accurately track targets from the ground with stations like this.

Once a secret - now a piece of public knowledge.   That's the same with God.    To most people God is mysterious unknowable.    But that's just not true.  He wants to know each of us personally, be part of our lives.   And He offers us every opportunity to know Him through Jesus.

That's the bottom line in this video.  God can be known - personally - in Jesus.   He offers relationship to everyone.    He's made His move, now he invites us to make ours.   To recognise that we are separated from Him, accept that He offers in Jesus and follow Him.

It sounds an amazing offer in a world where most people think that God should be mysterious.   He doesn't want to be a mystery to us - he wants to know us.   So how about it?