Go to the Province of Almeria in Andalucia and you can't miss them, particularly the flat coastal land to the east of Almeria known as the Poniente.    It's truly an amazing sight - thousands and thousands of acres under plastic.   It's also pretty ugly too - another negative of polytunnels.   In the race to provide winter salad crops for Northern European markets, there have been huge returns for the producers and the local economy, but it has come at great cost to the environment.  There has been human cost too as many of the workers on the farm are low paid employees from Africa and Eastern Europe, who suffer exploitation.

This video was all about life: that whatever we do has it's consequences.  We reap what we sow.  Very often our actions are highly beneficial to ourselves and those who we come in contact with.   But in a sinful world, our actions can be damaging to our relationships and harmful to others.

Yet we need to be aware that we are each answerable to God for our actions and the problem is that we all sow bad stuff that keeps us separate from God.   

But God had his own plans.  He wants us to sow in life in a way that brings us eternal life.  That's why Jesus died, so that rather than sow in the field of our sinful nature, we may instead sow in the field of the Spirit - so we harvest eternal life.  In Jesus we find life, hope and forgiveness.   Are you sowing in the right place?