Prepare The Way

I recorded this in the Summer of 2014 largely at Artola on the Costa Del Sol.   It's one of the most built up coasts in that country.  A dry and dusty environment has been tamed by massive urbanizacions, ample supplies of piped water and modern roads.  The rocky nature of the terrain can still be seen in many places:  very little grows in the rocky foothills back from the coast - but they still manage to get houses on to them!   It reminded me of the passage I read in Mark 1 and also in Isaiah 40 about the coming Messiah.  John spoke from a wilderness area.  It was dry, rocky, with just the River Jordan flowing through it.  He spoke of the special one that was to come - God was coming to them and like any distinguished visitor, people needed to be ready for Him.

How did they prepare in those days for kings and governors?   They improved the roads.  Our modern motorways make the path smooth for everyone - embankments, cuttings, bridges, complex junctions.

In those days John called out for people to recognise they needed to turn around and go God's way - all a preparation for Jesus who was to die for all so that we can find forgiveness and relationship with God.   And Jesus makes the same invitation to us today.

This is being written just before the start of the season of Advent, which precedes Christmas.  It's the time when we are reminded of a coming Lord and that each one of us should be ready for Him.

John spoke in a dry place - a hostile environment.   The modern world for many is a hostile environment and whether that be social unrest,  depression, sickness, conflict or whatever, Jesus wants to come and deal with those issues in our lives and wants to change them.   But we need to make the paths straight.  How?    By allowing Him in and asking Him to change us.   He really can and does change lives still today. Do you need that change?     He's just a prayer away.