I produced these two shorts as an introduction to a series on Failure. The first was a light hearted look at failure towards the conclusion that all have sinned and fall short of God's glory. Having completed that, I realised that the consequences of human failure - brought on by human sinfulness - have serious rather than amusing consequences. The video uses the war in Syria to show some of the consequences of of human failure and the tide of human misery it causes. There is an invitation at the end of the first video: have you accepted the free gift? What one? The free gift of forgiveness and life that God offers each person because of the death of Jesus Christ. The people that executed Jesus thought that he had failed when they killed him. He hadn't because through his death God is able to forgive our sin - our failure - and offer us forgiveness, relationship, hope. To underline this victory rather than failure, Jesus rose from the dead three days later.