Christian Shorts

Boom Life's Journey
A high speed review of the meaning of life. .
[First showing on WMTV 8th July 2015]

Boom Unwelcome Visitors
This video is about a Spanish city that had unwelcome British visitors with tragic consequences - and no, it's not about Marbella's night life! .
[First showing on WMTV 26th June 2015]

Brotonne The Brotonne Bridge
It's a large but little know bridge in Normandy. It was designed to fill a big gap and was the forerunner of even large bridges of its type. Mark reflects on the bridge that God made between Himself and the human race.
[First showing on WMTV 27th May 2015]

Palm Sunday The Awful Case of Anthony Allington
They were a church trying to keep their heads down in a world of prejudice. Then along came someone who shook them up in the wrong sort of way.
[First showing on WMTV 26th April 2015]

Palm Sunday Palm Sunday
THe Easter story opens with this tale of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem
[First showing on FTV 25th March 2015]

St Who? St Who?
Each year we celebrate St Valentine's Day. But who was St Valentine?
[First showing on FTV 11th February 2015]

Christmas begins with... Christmas begins with...
Felixstowe 2014 and people are preparing for Christmas. In Christmas lights we ask the question - what does Christmas begin with?
[First showing on WMTV 12th December 2014]

Prepare the Way Prepare The Way
It's hot and dry in the semi-arid parts of Southern Spain. Mark recalls one character who prophesied from a similar hot and dry place.
[First showing on WMTV 1st November 2014]

Ship The First of the Many
Within 24 hours of the start of the First World War, Britain suffered its first casualties. Mark explores a little-known incident that resulted in the deaths of some 165 men.
[First showing on WMTV 14th October 2014]

A14 A14: Series 1
Some of Mark's earliest videos was a series on the A14. Here's a page that shows them all in one place.
[First showing on WMTV 30th August 2014]

Samba Dancers What's Carnival All About?
The annual Carnival in Felixstowe is a lot of fun. But what significance does carnival actually have?.
[First showing on WMTV 30th July 2014]

Mr Pitt's Pork Pies Mr Pitt's Pork Pies
A new savoury product? I think not. Click here and find out more..
[First showing on WMTV February 2014]

Breath of God The Breath of God
Mark explores the effect of the Holy Spirit on our lives.
[First showing on FTV December 2013]

Pilot Polytunnels
Their area is so vast they can be seen from space. Mark looks at Almeria's plastic jungle.
[First showing on WMTV November 2013]

Pilot The Pilot who Couldn't Fly
He was a pilot for 28 years, yet he never flew a plane. The picture tells the story.
[First showing on FTV September 2013]

Walton Castle The Breaking Down of Strongholds
It was a Roman sea fort, now lost to the sea. What spiritual picture can it bring us?
[First showing on FTV August 2013]

Top Secret A14  7. Top Secret
Mark explores a former top secret installation in Trimley.
[First showing on FTV 21 June 2013]

Megiddo From Felixstowe to Armageddon
A story of how a man from Felixstowe is linked to the destiny of the human race.
[First showing on FTV March 2013]
A14 Round the Bend A14  6.  Round the Bend
Mark looks at the story of the Haughley Bends and what we can learn from it about life.
[First showing on FTV 28 February 2013]
A14 Toll Road Eyesores revisited
A return to some of the seafront Eyesores seen in Original Eyesores Video. 
As these sites are brought back at great cost in some cases, what does it tell us of the principle of redemption? [First showing on FTV 30 January 2013]
A14 Toll Road A14 5. Toll Road
Plans are afoot to make part of the 14 improvements near Huntingdon into a toll road.  Can this really work?   What compromises need to be made?   Does God compromise when we are faced with choices in life? [First showing on FTV January 2013]
Awayday The Christmas Tree
A look at the siginficance of the Christmas tree in the celebration of the coming of Jesus.
[First showing on FTV December 2012]
Awayday Jacob's Ladder
A new piece of promenade has opened around Cobbold's Point to Jacob's Ladder.  But who was Jacob?  A celebrity window cleaner? [First showing on FTV October 2012]
Naseby A14  4. Naseby
It took almost two decades to get the A14 built at Naseby in Northamptonshire.  Why the delay?
[First showing on FTV October 2012
A14 A14 3. The Orwell Bridge
Suffolk's iconic structure with a sinister reputation.
[First showing on FTV August 2012]

A14 Seven Hills A14 2. Seven Hills
They aren't hills and there aren't just seven off them.  So what are they?
[First showing on FTV July 2012]
A14 A14 1. Loved, Hated, Needed
It's a road we love and hate in equal measure because we need it to get in and out of Felixstowe.   It's an interesting picture of life. [First showing on FTV June 2012]
Hit the Hut Hit the Hut
The beach hut is one of the symbols of Felixstowe.   For those owning and using them, they are havens of rest.  Rest is a basic human need and something God made us to have.
[First showing on FTV May 2012]

Stena Hollandica A Century Apart:  a tale of two ships
It's April 12th 2012 and we are travelling to Harwich on the Stena Hollandica.  The date and size of ship reminded me of another which set sail a century earlier. [First showning on FTV April 2012]
Train We're Getting There?
It's impossible to get away from the sight and sound of the railway in Felixstowe.   The movement of goods from start to destination remind us of the journey of life each of us makes. [First shown on FTV March 2012]
MRBC 1812 and all that
Wellington was fighting the Peninsula War, Napoleon was battling the Russians at Borodino, Prime Minister Spencer Percival was assasinated and George III was barking mad!  However, the news was a bit better in Walton.   [First shown on FTV February 2012]
Yellow Lines Yellow Lines
A few thoughts on the subject of getting away with it.  Does the absence of enforcement mean that it doesn't matter if we do something illegal?
[First shown on FTV January 2012]